Travel Guide: ZaNorte x Misamis Occ x ZamboSur


Day 1 – Dipolog, Zamboanga Del Norte

5:05am – ETD: Manila to Dipolog
6:30am – Arrival in Dipolog Airport
7:00am – Habal-habal to Linabo Peak
7:30am – Start ascend
9:30am – Arrival at the peak / photo ops and rest
10:30am – Descend
11:30pm – Arrival at the jump off point
12:00nn – Visit Montano Sardines warehouse
12:30pm – Lunch at Penong’s
1:30-2:30pm – Visit Dipolog Cathedral, Dipolog City Hall, Sta. Cruz Marker and Sunset Boulevard
2:30pm – Tricycle to bus terminal
3:00pm – Bus to Dapitan
3:30pm – Arrival in Dapitan / Alight at the corner of Travelbee Heritage Inn
5:00pm – Start tour / visit Rizal’s Landing Site and Gloria de Dapitan
6:30pm – Dinner
7:30pm-10:30pm – Visit Fantasyland / explore
10:45pm – back to Travelbee Heritage Inn / rest

Php 505 – Philippine Airlines one way airfare MNL-DPL
Php 150 – RT Habal-habal Airport to Linabo Peak to Montano
FREE – Entrance to Linabo Peak
Php 10 (20/2) – 1 Liter Mineral Water
Php 8 – Tricycle to Penong’s
Php 137 – Lunch
Php 8 – Tricycle to Dipolog Cathedral
FREE – Walk to Dipolog City Hall
Php 8 – Tricycle to Sta. Cruz Marker
FREE – Walk to Sunset Boulevard
Php 8 – Tricycle to bus terminal
Php 20 – Ordinary bus to Dapitan
FREE – Walk to Travelbee Heritage Inn
Php 340 (680/2) – Travelbee Heritage Inn Standard Room with free breakfast (bread and coffee)
Php 8 – Tricycle to Rizal’s Landing Site
Php 8 – Tricycle to Gloria De Dapitan
Php 167 – Dinner
Php 8 – Tricycle back to Inn

*Note: Entrance and Ride-All-You-Can fee in Fantasyland is free in the package of Dakak.

TOTAL: 1,385/head

Travelbee Heritage Inn – 0932-8760180


Image00001Touchdown, Dipolog Airport!

Image00002At Dipolog City Bus Terminal, take Evergood Coaster Bus bound for Dapitan.

Image00003Our Standard A/C Room with free breakfast (bread and coffee) in Travelbee Heritage Inn for only Php 680 for 2pax.


Day 2 – Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte

6:00am – Wake up / prepare
7:00am – Breakfast
7:30am – Visit St. James Church and Relief Map of Mindanao
8:30am – Tricycle to Rizal Shrine (Museo ni Rizal)
8:50am – Arrival at Rizal Shrine / explore
10:30am – Tricycle back to Travelbee Heritage Inn
11:00am – Arrival at the Inn / wash up
1:30pm – Van transfer to Dakak
2:00pm – Arrival in Dakak / overnight

Php 70 – Breakfast
FREE – Walk from Inn to St. James Church and Relief Map of Mindanao
Php 10 – Tricycle to Rizal Shrine
FREE – Entrance to Rizal Shrine (Museo ni Rizal)
Php 8 – Tricycle back to Inn
Php 3,000 (6,000/2) – Dakak Standard Room overnight stay with free breakfast and free entrance and ride all you can at Fantasyland.
Php300 – Lunch
Php 300 – Dinner

TOTAL: 3,688/head

Image00004Our free breakfast, bread and coffee! (The other cup has not yet been filled with hot water) But since, these are not enough for our tummy, we ordered Cornsilog (Corned-beef, Sinangag and Itlog) for Php70/each

Our Standard Room in Dakak comes with free buffet breakfast, Roundtrip van transfers and All-rides ticket to Gloria’s Fantasyland.

Day 3 – Misamis Occidental

6:00am – Wake up / prepare
6:30am – 12:00nn – Breakfast / swimming
12:00nn – Hotel check out / Transfer to Dipolog Bus Terminal / lunch
1:00pm – Ride Bus bound for Ozamiz and alight at Sapang Dalaga
2:00pm – Arrival at Sapang Dalaga / meet Kuya Edwin
2:30-4:00pm – Visit Caluya Shrine and Baga Falls
4:30pm – Bus to Ozamiz
6:30pm – Arrival in Ozamiz Terminal / Tricycle to GV Hotel
7:00pm – Arrival in GV Hotel
7:30pm – Tricycle to Cotta Beach
7:40pm – Arrival in Cotta Beach / buy dinner
8:00pm – Tricycle back to Hotel / rest

FREE – Breakfast
FREE – Van transfer to Dipolog Bus Terminal (Dakak package)
Php 42 – Lunch
Php 50 – Bus to Sapang Dalaga
Php 150 – Kuya Edwin’s habal-habal to Caluya Shrine and Baga Falls
FREE – Entrance to Caluya Shrine
FREE – Entrance to Baga Falls
Php 25 (50/2) – Tip
Php 135 – Bus to Ozamiz
Php 15 – Tricyle to GV Hotel
Php312.50 (625/2) – GV Hotel Standard Room with A/C without breakfast
Php 10 – Tricycle to Cotta Beach
Php 10 – Tricycle back to Hotel
Php 178.50 – Dinner

TOTAL: 928/head

Kuya Edwin – Habal-habal in Sapang Dalaga:


Image00007Ozamiz bound bus


Image00008Our habal-habal driver/guide, kuya Edwin. He’s also the President of SAPAHAMOTODA (Sapang Dalaga Habal-Habal, Motorcycle Drivers Association)


Day 4 – Misamis Occidental / Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur

5:30am – Wake up / prepare
6:00am – Tricycle to Ozamiz Bus Terminal
6:30am – Arrival at the terminal / ride van to Tangub
7:00am – Alight at Tangub Crossing / ride habal-habal to Hoyohoy Highland
7:20am – Arrival at Hoyohoy Highland / explore
9:00am – Habal habal to Tangub Bus Terminal
9:30pm – Arrival at the terminal / ride bus back to Ozamiz Terminal
10:00am – Arrival at Ozamiz / visit Ozamiz Cathedral
10:30am – Brunch
11:00am – Visit Cotta Fort and Cotta Shrine
11:30am – back to hotel / prepare for check out
12:30pm – Hotel check out / tricycle to Bus Terminal
1:00pm – Depart for Pulacan Falls / Ride bus to Pagadian alight at Pulacan
3:30pm – Arrival at Pulacan Falls / explore
4:00pm – Bus to Pagadian Terminal
4:30pm – Arrival at Pagadian Integrated Bus Terminal
4:45pm – Tricycle to Hotel Alindahaw
5:00pm – Arrival at Hotel Alindahaw / check-in
5:30pm – Visit Pagadian Boulevard / foodtrip
6:00pm – Visit Plaza Luz / dinner
8:00pm – back to hotel / rest

Php 10 – Tricycle to Ozamiz Bus Terminal
Php 60 – Van to Tangub Crossing
Php 150 – RT Habal habal to Hoyohoy Highland
Php 50 – Entrance fee at Hoyohoy Highland
Php10 – habal-habal to Tangub Terminal
Php 20 – Bus back to Ozamiz
Php 10 – Tricycle to Ozamiz Cathedral
Php 144 – Brunch
Php 10 – Tricycle to Cotta Fort
Php 7.50 – Pedicab from Cotta Fort back to Hotel
Php10 – Tricycle to Ozamiz Terminal
Php 95 – Bus bound for Pagadian, alight at Pulacan Falls
Php 20 – Bus to Pagadian Terminal
Php 50 – Tricycle to Hotel Alindahaw
Php 950 (1900/2) Hotel Alindahaw Accommodation for 2 nights
Php 10 – Tricycle to Pagadian Boulevard
Php 10 – Tricycle to Plaza Luz
Php 162 – Dinner
Php 10 – Tricycle back to hotel

TOTAL: 1,788/head

Kuya Ronie – Habal-habal to Hoyohoy :

Image00009Tariff of Hoyohoy Highland Adventure Park as of June 4, 2018.

Image00010Pagadian bound bus

Image00011Pagadian Bus Terminal

Image00012Our room for 2 nights at Hotel Alindahaw,  Standard A/C Room with free breakfast.

Day 5 – Pagadian, Zamboanga Del Sur

6:00am – Wake up / prepare
6:30am – Free breakfast at the hotel
7:00am – Tricycle to BE Mall (Best Emporium)
7:10am – Arrival at BE / Ride van bound for Lakewood at the terminal in front of BE Mall
8:00am – Depart for Alindahaw Lakeview Resort
9:30am – Arrival at Lakeview Resort / explore
11:30am – Ride van back to Pagadian City
12:30pm – Arrival at Pagadian Market / walk to Palasyo / photo ops
12:45pm – Tricycle to Jollibee
12:50pm – Arrival at Jollibee / photo ops at “I love Pagadian” sign
1:00pm – Tricycle to Gaisano
1:10pm – Lunch / back to hotel / rest
3:30 – 5:30pm – Visit Rotonda, Unity Park, Capitol, Pantalan,  Pasalubong Center (already closed)
5:30pm – Foodtrip at Plaza Luz (Bbq for Php2.00)
6:00om – Foodtrip at Juvie’s Halo-Halo
6:30pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Buy pasalubong at Mani ni Juan
8:00pm – Tricycle back to hotel / rest

FREE – Breakfast
Php 10 – Tricycle to Lakewood Terminal (infront of BE Mall)
Php 80 – Van to Alindahaw Lakeview Resort
Php 60 – Entrance fee with swimming at Alindahaw Lakeview Resort
Php 70 – Van back to Pagadian City
FREE – Walk to Palasyo
Php 10 – Tricycle to Jollibee “I love Pagadian” sign
Php 10 – Tricycle to Gaisano Mall
Php 105 – Lunch
Php 20 – Tricycle to Rotonda
Php 20- Tricycle to Unity Park
Php 10 – Tricycle to Capitol
Php 10 – Tricycle to Pantalan
Php 10 – Tricycle to Plaza Luz
Php 30 – Roundtrip tricycle to Pasalubong Center (Closed) back to Plaza Luz
FREE – Walk to Juvie’s Halo-halo from Plaza Luz
FREE – Walk to Rodolfo’s
Php 200 – Dinner
FREE – Walk to Mani ni Juan Pasalubong Center
Php 10 – Tricycle back to hotel

TOTAL: 655/head

Kuya Mark Dave – Tricycle driver in Pagadian:


Entrance fees and Water Activities in Alindahaw Lakeview Resort.

Image00017Our very kind tricycle driver in Pagadian, kuya Mark Dave. 🙂

Day 6 – Back to MNL

5:00am – Wake up / prepare
6:00am – Tricycle to Pagadian Airport
7:55am – ETD: PAG-MNL
9:30am – Arrival in MNL

Php 100 (200/2) – Tricycle to Pagadian Airport
Php 550 – Cebu Pacific one way fare PAG-MNL

TOTAL: 650/head

Image00018Pagadian Airport.

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 6D5N – Php9,094 (with food, airfare, accommodation and tours)


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