Travel Guide: Davao Region

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Day 1 – Davao Occidental

4:30am – ETD: Manila to Davao
6:30am – Arrival in Davao Airport
7:00am – Taxi to Ecoland Bus Terminal
8:00am – Arrival in Bus Terminal / Bus to Malita
11:00am – Arrival in Sta. Maria Terminal / ride tricycle to Little Boracay
11:30am – Arrival in Little Boracay / Lunch
12:30pm – Tricycle back to Sta. Maria Terminal
1:00pm – Arrival in Sta. Maria Terminal / bus to Davao Ecoland
4:30pm – Arrival in Ecoland Bus Terminal / Ride bus to Tagum
6:30pm – Arrival in Tagum Terminal / Tricycle to Citi Budget Hotel
7:00pm – Arrival at the hotel / rest / dinner at Freedom Park

Php 425.12 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare MNL-DVO
Php 109 (218/2) – Taxi to Ecoland Bus Terminal
Php 105 – Ordinary Bus to Sta. Maria Terminal
Php 40 – Tricycle to Little Boracay
Php 20 – Entrance fee
Php 57 – Lunch
Php 50 – Tricycle back to Sta. Maria Terminal
Php 130 – Bus to Ecoland Bus Terminal
Php 100 – Bus to Tagum
Php 10 – Tricycle to Citi Budget Hotel
Php 300 (600/2) – Citi Budget Hotel Accommodation
Php 10 – Tricycle to Freedom Park
Php 87 – Dinner
Php 10 – Tricycle back to Citi Budget Hotel

TOTAL: 1,453.12/head

Image037As of this writing, martial law in Mindanao is not yet lifted. Always bring your IDs for inspection.

Image035Waiting for the bus bound for Malita, DavOcc.


Image045The Little Boracay entrance

Image046Tagum bound bus


Image00001Our standard A/C room in Citi Budget Hotel, Tagum.

Image039Our dinner in Tagum, Freedom Park

Day 2 – Tagum and Compostela Valley

4:30am – Tricycle to Tagum Terminal
5:00am – Depart for Mawab, Compostela Valley
5:30am – Arrival in Mawab Terminal / breakfast
6:15am – Habal-habal to Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring
7:00am – Arrival in Sulfuric Hotspring / explore
8:30am – Back to Mawab terminal
9:15am – Arrival in Mawab Terminal / bus back to Tagum
9:45am – Arrival in Tagum / habal-habal to Christ the King
10:00am – Arrival in Christ the King / explore the largest rosary
10:30am – Habal-habal to Provincial Capitol
10:45am – Arrival at the Capitol / photo ops
11:15am – Tricycle to Tagum Terminal
11:30am – Arrival at the terminal / lunch / Ride bus to Monkayo, Compostela Valley
12:30pm – Arrival in Monkayo Terminal
1:00pm – Meet habal-habal driver guide, Kuya Kim / Depart for Awao Falls
2:30pm – Arrival in Awao Falls / explore
4:00pm – back to Monkayo
5:30pm – Arrival in Rayou’s / check-in / rest

Php 10 – Tricycle to Tagum Terminal
Php 20 – Bus to Mawab, ComVal
Php 40 – breakfast
Php 200 (400/2) – RT habal-habal to Mainit Hotspring Waterfalls
Php 20 – Mainit Sulfuric Hotsrping entrance fee
Php 20 – Bus back to Tagum
Php 40 – Habal-habal to Christ the King
Php 10 – habal-habal to Provincial Capitol
Php 10 – tricycle to Tagum Terminal
Php 75 – Bus to Monkayo
Php 48 – lunch
Php 350 (700/2)- Habal-habal to Awao Falls and to Rayou’s
Php 50 (100/2) – Kuya Kim’s tip
Php 300 (600/2) – Rayou’s Accommodation
Php 125 – dinner

TOTAL: 1,318/head

Kuya Kim (Habal-habal driver and guide to Awao Falls) – 0919-7663226
Rayous’ Lodge – 0943-1367754

Image049Our habal-habal driver, kuya Rene. Unfortunately, he has no cellphone number. Titigan nyo nalang sya dito sa photo then look for him at  Mawab Terminal. Hahah! 😀


Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring advisory as of February 23, 2018. Contact the tourism office for the updates.


Image050Our A/C room in Rayou’s.


 Kuya Kim, our skylab driver to Awao falls. 

Image043Our dinner in Monkayo, ComVal. Tatlong takal yung rice hahah! Hindi kami gutom. 😀

Day 3 – Davao Oriental

3:00am – Van to Montevista Terminal
3:30am – Arrival in Montevista, ComVal Terminal
4:00am – Tricycle to Compostela Valley, Compostela Valley
4:30am – Arrival in ComVal
5:00am – Bau-Bau to Cateel
7:00am – Arrival in Aliwagwag Falls / breakfast
8:00am – Explore Aliwagwag Falls
9:30am – Bau-bau to Cateel Terminal
10:00am – Arrival in Cateel
10:30am – Depart for Mati, Davao Occidental
2:00pm -7:00pm – Arrival in Mati / visit Subangan Museum / Baywalk / Sleeping Dinosaur
7:00pm – Check-in at  La-ne’s Kalapyahan / rest / dinner

Php 20 – Van to Montevista Terminal
Php 85 – Tricycle to Compostela Valley, Compostela Valley
Php 150 (300/2) – Bau-Bau From Compostela Valley, ComVal to Aliwagwag Falls, Cateel
Php 62.50 – breakfast
Php 50 – Aliwagwag Falls entrance fee
Php 150 (300/2) – Bau-Bau to Cateel Terminal
Php 250 – Van to Mati, Davao Occidental
Php 132.50 – lunch
Php 425 (850) – Kuya Mon’s habal-habal tour plus tip (Subangan Museum, Mati Baywalk, Sleeping Dinosaur, Dahican Beach, Mati Airport, RT habal to Mati Bus Terminal)
Php 50 – Subangan Museum entrance fee
Php 1,000 (2,000/2) – La-ne’s Kalapyahan Accommodation with breakfast
Php 325 – Dinner

TOTAL: 2,700/head

Kuya Noni (Bau-Bau service in Cateel, DavOcc) – 0907-2739362
Kuya Mon (habal-habal in Mati, DavOcc – highly recommended) – 0935-4768200
La-ne’s Kalapyahan – FB Account: La-ne’s Kalapyahan

Image013Kuya Noni and his Bau-Bau

Kuya Mon, our habal-habal driver in touring around Mati. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our spacious A/C room in La-ne’s Kaplyahan, Dahican Mati. This room is for 3 pax and it is cheaper than the couple rooms. 😀


Day 4 – Ultralight Plane / Back to MNL

6:00am – Depart for Mati Airport
6:30am – Arrival in Mati Airport / register
7:00am – Ultralight Plane
8:00am – back to La-ne’s
8:30am – Breakfast / explore Dahican Beach
10:30am – habal-habal to Mati Terminal
11:00am – Depart for Davao Airport
3:30pm – Arrival in Davao Airport
6:00pm – ETD: DVO-MNL

Php 2,700 – Ultralight Plane
Php 76 – lunch
Php 470 – pasalubong
Php 240 – Bus to Davao Airport
Php 200 – Terminal Fee
Php 926 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare DVO-MNL

TOTAL: 4,612/head

Mindanao Saga Flying Club – 0917-3070670
FB Account: Mindanao Saga Flying Club

Image024Thank you, Mindanao Saga Flying Club! It was an awesome experience! 😀

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 4D3N – Php10,083.12 (with food, airfare, accommodation and tours)



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