Little Boracay in Davao Occidental

Davao Occidental is the newest province in the Philippines located at Davao Region. From Davao Ecoland Terminal, it will took you 3-4 hours bus ride to reach its first municipality, Santa Maria, where the Little Boracay is located.

Image035Waiting for bus at Ecoland Bus Terminal, Davao

Upon arrival in Santa Maria Terminal, you may opt to buy food at the nearby karinderias before heading to Little Boracay. There is only one store in the resort that sells basic needs.

It was called Little Boracay by the locals dahil daw ganito ang itsura ng Boracay dati nung hindi pa masyadong commercialized. 🙂 It has a fine grayish sand, pristine waters and coconut trees that adds beauty to the beach. We visited it on a weekday, thus, there were no other guests that time aside from us and the local fishermen.

Image002Welcome to Little Boracay! 😀


After few hours of chilling at the beach, we got back to Davao City and transferred to another bus bound to Tagum.



■ Getting to Little Boracay: Fly from Manila to Davao.

■ From Davao Airport, take a cab to Davao Ecoland Terminal then board a bus with Malita signage and alight at Santa Maria Terminal. Travel time is approximately 3 hours.

■ You may take ACF Bus Lines because it is faster than the ordinary bus and they also have USB port where you can charge your cellphones during the long ride.

■ Upon reaching Santa Maria Terminal, ride a tricycle going to Little Boracay. Travel time is 15-20 minutes.

■ Entrance Fee is Php 20 and additional Php 10 if you’ll be staying overnight. READ: Davao Region Travel Guide for complete itinerary and expenses.




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