Chasing Waterfalls in Compostela Valley

Compostela Valley is said to be the heart of Davao Region and it is very rich in natural resources. Have you tried to bathe in a steaming waterfalls? Most of the waterfalls in the Philippines has cascading cold waters with a catch basin. But, what makes Compostela Valley different to other provinces? They offer a hot waterfalls located in the town of Mawab.

From Tagum terminal, we hopped on Metro Shuttle Bus going to Mawab, ComVal. I thought it will going to be an hour ride but, we were surprised when we reached the town in just 30 minutes. Soon after we got off the bus, kuya Rene, a habal-habal driver, offered to convey us to the falls.

Image041This notice welcomed us upon arrival.

I was so amazed upon seeing the steaming waterfalls from the entrance.  The caretaker were kind enough and gave us a little time to experience the hotspring before it gets torn down for a scheduled renovation. Akala ko init-initan lang yung tubig na bumabagsak sa falls, pero mainit talaga siya, mag-open lahat ng pores mo! Hahah! 😛

Image040View from the entrance.


Image003Steaming hot! No filter 😀


Image001The mini cave serves as your natural sauna! 😀


Image042As of February 23, 2018 the hotspring is closed due to renovation. You may contact LGU of Mawab for inquiries.

Due to the proximity of the two provinces, we decided to go back in Tagum to visit the largest rosary in King James Cathedral and Provincial Capitol of Davao del Norte.

Image056Largest rosary in Mindanao. 🙂

Image010 Tagum hailed as the Palm City of the Philippines.

Davao del Norte Provincial Capitol

After our brief city tour in Tagum, we resume our chasing waterfalls in Monkayo, another town in Compostela Valley province. From Tagum we boarded a bus bound for Butuan then we alighted at Monkayo Terminal after 1 hour.

The journey to Awao Falls requires a lot of courage. You’ll be riding the skylab, a motorcycle with an extension of wooden planks on both sides and can sit up to 8 pax. 80% of the road going to Awao Falls is very rough and since it’s been raining for days, the muddy road adds difficulty on our way. It was really a 1 – 1.5 hours butt-numbing-death-defying ride! Hahaha lahat na ng adjectives!

Muddy road to Awao Falls.


Image006Image007You’ll also have to crossed this river before reaching Awao Falls. Dami kelangan daanan! Hahah! 😀

Image001View of Awao Falls from the jump off point.

Because of the recent typhoon, the trail going to the first falls (the famous icon of Awao Falls) broke down. Kuya Kim, suggested that we go to the second layer of the falls as there is another way to get down to the main falls. Kamote, ang steep pala nung trail pababa! Hahaha! Nanginig talaga mga legs ko eh! LOL!

Image002Second falls.


Image004Going down to the first falls.

Image012Finally!! The death-defying ride was worth it! 😀 Ang gandaaa!! (with filter)

The curtain-like waterfalls. Maganda pa din even without filter. 🙂

On our way back to Monkayo town, nagkaroon nanaman kami ng bagong na-experience. Sumemplang kami dun sa muddy road! Hahahah! But we’re good, puro putik lang katawan namin. Hindi kasalanan ni Kuya Kim. In fact, his maneuvering skills was superb! Hanep talaga! Hahaha! Visit Awao Falls and see for yourself!

Kuya Kim and his skylab. 🙂

Surely, there’s no easy way to get to Awao Falls. You must endure the super bumpy ride and trek the almost vertical trail to reach this wonderful creation. Pag may tyaga, may nilaga! 😀



■ Getting to Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring: From Tagum, ride a bus bound for Monkayo or Nabunturan and alight at Mawab Terminal. Then hire a habal-habal to take you to the hotspring. Total ravel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

■ As of February 23, 2018 the hotspring is closed due to rehabilitation and renovation. You may contact LGU of Mawab for updates.

■ Getting to Awao Falls: From Tagum, ride a bus bound for Butuan and alight at Monkayo Terminal. Travel time is 1 hour. Then take a skylab going to Awao Falls, travel time is 1-1.5 hours depending on the weather.

■ You can ride the skylab from the jump off point going to the second layer of Awao Falls. READ: Davao Region Travel Guide for complete itinerary and expenses.


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