ZamBaSulTa : Travel Guide

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Day 1 – Isabela, Basilan and Zamboanga City Tour

4:15am – ETD: Manila to Zamboanga
5:50am – Arrival in Zamboanga Airport
6:00am – Tricycle to Seaport main
6:30am – Arrival in Seaport / buy ferry ticket to Isabela
6:45am – Depart for Isabela, Basilan
7:30am – Arrival in Isabela / tricycle to Isabela City Hall
7:45am – Arrival in City Hall / Register at Tourism Office
8:00am – Depart for Malamawi Island
8:05am – Arrival in Malamawi Island / habal-habal to White Beach
8:30am – Arrival in White Beach / explore
9:30am – Back to Isabela Port
10:00am – Arrival in port / visit Plaza, Church and Capitol
11:00am – RORO back to Zamboanga City /lunch (Jollibee take out)
1:00pm – Arrival in Zamboanga port / tricycle to Winzelle Suites
1:15pm – Arrival at the hotel / check in / rest
3:30- 6:00pm – Walk to City Hall, Fort Pilar Shrine, Fort Pilar Museum, Paseo del Mar
6:00pm – Tricycle to Alavar Seafood Restaurant
7:00pm – Arrival / dinner
8:30pm – Tricycle back to hotel / rest

Php 425.12 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare MNL-ZAM
Php 100 – Zamboanga Airport to Zamboanga Seaport main
Php 150 – Weesam Fastcraft to Isabela
Php 11 – Terminal fee
Php 25 – Tricycle to Isabela City Hall
Php 100 (200/2) – Roundtrip boat to Malamawi Island
Php 150 (300/2) – Roundtrip habal-habal to White Beach (We hired 2 habal-habals for us and for our guide)
Php 30 – Entrance fee to White Beach
Php 150 (300/2) – Guide fee (no fixed amount)
Php 60 – RORO to Zamboanga port
Php 8 – Terminal fee at Isabela Port
Php 25 – Tricycle to Winzelle Suites
Php 600 (1,200/2) – Winzelle Suites – A/C standard room w/o breakfast for 2 nights (booked thru Traveloka)
Php 25 – Tricycle to Alavar Seafood Restaurant
Php 25 – Tricycle back to Hotel

TOTAL: 1,884.12/head

Tourism of Isabela, Basilan – Ms. Michelle Andajao – 0905-4792819


DCIM100GOPROGOPR2220. Weesam Fascraft bound to Isabela, Basilan

Image001Sir Hajar, our guide in Isabela, Basilan provided by Tourism Officer, Ms. Michelle Andajao.

Image03Our messy room for 2 nights in Winzelle Suites


Day 2 – Merloquet Falls & Zamboanga Sibugay

4:30am – Walk to van terminal beside Gateway Shoppers Mall / ride van to Vitali
5:00am – Depart for Vitali
6:30am – Arrival in Vitali (lottohan) / breakfast / wait for guide/habal-habal
7:30am – Meet guide / depart for Merloquet Falls
8:00am – Arrival at  jump-off point / register
8:30-10:00am – Descend to falls / explore
10:30am – Wash up
11:00am – Back to Vitali junction (lottohan)
11:30am – Bus to Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
12:30pm – Arrival in Ipil Terminal
12:45pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Habal-habal to Sibugay Capitol
2:00pm – Arrival in Capitol
3:00pm – Back to Ipil Terminal / bus to Zamboanga City
6:00pm – Arrival in Zamboanga City bus terminal
6:30pm – Jeep to Winzelle Suites
7:30pm – Arrival at Winzelle Suites
8:00pm – Tricycle to Paseo del Mar / dinner at Barcode
9:30pm – Tricycle back to hotel / rest

Php 100 – Van to Vitali
Php 150 – Roundtrip habal-habal to Merloquet Falls
Php 5 – Entrance fee
Php 5 – Banlaw
Php 124 – Bus to Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
Php 100 (200/2) – Habal-habal to Sibugay Capitol, Ipil Municipal Hall and to Ipil Terminal
Php 245 – Bus back to Zamboanga City
Php 11 – Jeep to Winzelle Suites
Php 25 – Tricycle to Paseo del Mar
Php 25 – Tricycle back to hotel

TOTAL: 790/head

Kuya Rex – 0997-2287689
Kuya Buboy – 0955-2611725 (FB Account: Reneligayan Ampoan )

Image002Kuya Rex and Kuya Arnel, our habal-habal / guide to Merloquet Falls. You can ask kuya Rex (in white shirt) to teach you some Chavacano and Tausug Language. 😀

DCIM100GOPROGOPR2308.Kuya Buboy, our habal-habal driver / guide. He also offer tours to Buluan Island and Tagbilat Falls. 


Day 3 – Tawi-Tawi

4:30am – Tricycle to Zamboanga Airport
5:00am – Arrival in Zamboanga Airport / check-in
6:30am – ETD: ZAM – TWT
7:30am – Arrival in Sanga-Sanga Airport / tricycle to Rachel’s Place
8:00am – Arrival in Rachel’s Place / check in
8:30am – Meet guide / start tour
9:30am – Depart for Simunul, TWT
10:30am – Arrival in Simunul / explore
12:30pm – Sidetrip to Sangay Siapo then back to Bongao
2:00pm – Arrival in Bongao port / back to Rachel’s Place
2:15pm – Arrival in Rachel’s Place / quick lunch and wash up
3:00pm – Visit Tawi-Tawi Provincial Capitol and White Mosque
3:30pm – Bud Bongao Peak / ascend
4:30pm – Arrival at the peak / rest / merienda
5:00pm – Start to descend
5:30pm – Arrival at jump off point / visit Sanga-Sanga Airport runway
6:00pm – Arrival at Sanga-Sanga Airport / explore
6:45pm – back to town / dinner
8:00pm – back to Rachel’s Place / rest

Php 240.12 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare ZAM-TWT
Php 150 – Zamboanga Aiport terminal fee
Php 100 (200/2) – Tricycle to Rachel’s Place
Php 600 (1,200/2) – Rachel’s Place overnight stay at A/C room with breakfast for 1 pax.
Php 1,500 (3,000/2) – Chartered boat to Simunul with sidetrip to Sangay Siapo
Php 20 – Entrance fee to Bud Bongao
Php 5 (10/2) – Guide’s entrance fee to Bud Bongao
Php 500 (1,000/2) – Guide fee (fixed)
Php 100 (200/2) – Tip

TOTAL: 3,215.12/head

Tawi-Tawi’s Tourism Staff – Sir Wadz – 0926-8752346
FB Account: Wadz Ali

Image04Our room in Rachel’s Place

Image003Sir Wadz, our very nice and accommodating guide. I love his stories and I’ve learned a lot. 🙂 

Image00001We chartered one of these boats to get to Simunul, Tawi-Tawi and Sangay Siapo Island. 


Day 4 – Sta. Cruz Island (Pink Beach)

6:30am – Tricycle to Sanga-Sanga Airport
6:45am – Arrival in Sanga-Sanga Airport / check-in
7:55am – ETD: TWT – ZAM
8:45am – Arrival in Zamboanga Airport / tricycle to Jardin dela Vina Hotel
9:15am – Arrival in Jardin dela Vina Hotel/ check in, leave things
9:30am – Depart for Pink Beach / Tricycle to Paseo Del Mar
10:00am – Arrival in Paseo del Mar
10:30am – Boat to Pink Beach
10:45pm – Arrival in Pink Beach / explore / lunch
12:30pm – Back to Paseo del Mar
12:45pm – Arrival in Paseo del Mar / Walk to Zamboanga Seaport main
1:00pm – Arrival in Zamboanga Seaport / buy boat ticket to Sulu
1:10pm – Tricycle to Canelar Barter
1:30pm – Arrival in Canelar Barter / buy pasalubong
2:30pm – Back to Jardin dela Vina Hotel
2:45pm – Arrival at the hotel / freshen up / rest
5:00pm – Hotel check-out / Tricycle to Zamboanga Seaport main
5:30pm – Arrival in Zamboanga Seaport / pay terminal fee
8:00pm – Depart for Jolo, Sulu

Php 100 – Tricycle to Sanga-Sanga Airport
Php 711 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare TWT-ZAM
Php 60 – Sanga-Sanga Aiport terminal fee
Php 25 – Tricycle to Jardin dela Vina Hotel
Php 375 (750/2) – Jardin dela Vina overnight stay at standard A/C room.
Php 25 – Tricycle to Paseo del Mar
Php 5 – Terminal fee
Php 20 – Entrance fee to Pink Beach
Php 750 – Aleson Lines one way fare to Sulu (Cabin Room)
Php 25 – Tricycle to Canelar Barter
Php 25 – Tricycle back to hotel
Php 25 -Tricycle to Zamboanga Seaport
Php 15 – Terminal fee

TOTAL: 2,161/head

Image05Our room in Jardin dela Vina Hotel. This is optional. Since the boat to Sulu is scheduled to depart at 8pm, we rented a hotel so we can leave our things and take a rest before heading to seaport.

Image00002Rentals and Fees of Sta. Cruz Island Pink Beach

Image00003Do’s and Dont’s


Day 5 – Sulu

4:00am – Arrival at Sulu Port
6:30am – Tricycle to Peacekeepers Inn
7:00am – Breakfast at the karinderia
7:30am – Depart for Jolo Airport
8:00am – Arrival at the airport / explore / wait for the aircraft
8:30am – Depart for Mauboh Beach
9:00am – Arrival in Mauboh Beach / explore
9:30am – Snack at Shara’s Coffee Shop
10:00am – Tricycle to Sulu Provincial Capitol
10:15am – Arrival at the Capitol / explore
11:00am – Tricycle to Jolo Town Hall
11:15am – Arrival at Jolo Municipal Hall / explore / meet Mayor Tan
12:00nn – Walk to Cousin’s Food Hub / Lunch
1:30pm – Walk to Jolo Barter
2:00pm – Tricycle to Tulay Mosque
2:15pm – Arrival at Tulay Mosque / picture picture
3:00pm – Back to Peacekeepers Inn / rest
5:00pm – Depart for Jolo seaport
8:00pm – Depart for Zamboanga

Php 16 (50/3) – Tricycle to Peacekeepers Inn
Php 167 (500/3) – Accommodation in Peacekeepers Inn
FREE – Going to Jolo airport (we used Police Multicab)
FREE – Going to Mauboh Beach (we used Police Multicab)
FREE – Going to Shara’s Coffee Shop (we used Police Multicab)
Php 114 (342/3) – Snack at Shara’s Coffee Shop with the escorts and tourism staff.
Php 10 (30/3) – Tricycle to Sulu Provincial Capitol
Php 10 (30/3) – Tricycle to Jolo Town Hall
Php 315 (945/3) – Lunch at Cousin’s Food Hub with the tourism staff
Php 10 (30/3) – Tricycle to Tulay Mosque
Php 10 (30/3) – Tricycle to Peacekeepers Inn
Php 10 (30/3) – Tricycle to Sulu port
Php 650 – Aleson Lines one way fare to Zamboanga (Economy Class)
Php 15 – Terminal Fee

TOTAL:1,327/head (food included)

Tawi-Tawi’s Tourism Officer – Ms. Jainab – 0917-5929225
Tourism Staff – Ms. Merwa – FB Account: Merwa Sakirani

Image06Peacekeepers Inn room rates

Image001Our room in Peacekeepers Inn

Image001Our escorts and their chief (in white shirt).


With the tourism staff, Ches, Madam and Ms. Merwa 🙂

Day 6 – Zamboanga – Manila

4:00am – Arrival at Zamboanga Port
6:00am – Tricycle to Jimmy’ Satti House
6:30am – Breakfast at Jimmy’s Satti House
7:30am – Tricycle to  Zamboanga Airport
8:00am – Arrival at the airport / check in
9:40am – ETD: ZAM-MNL

Php 25 (50/2) – Tricycle to Jimmy’s Satti House
Php 25 (50/2) – Tricycle to Zamboanga Airport
Php 150 – Terminal Fee
Php 753 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare ZAM- MNL

TOTAL: 953 / head

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 6D5N – Php10,330.24 (with food (Day 5 only)


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    1. Hi, Pam, yes po safe naman. Ok lang din po for solo backpacking but if you will visit, Sulu and Basilan, I would suggest po na makipag-coordinate kayo with the Tourism Office, specially po in Sulu. 🙂


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