Travel Guide: Negros Occidental x Siquijor

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Day 1 – Bacolod, Negros Occidental

4:35am – ETD: Manila to Bacolod
5:30am – Arrival in Silay Airport
6:00am – Picked-up by our “connection / depart for Campuestohan Highland Resort
7:00am – Arrival in Campuestohan Resort / photo ops, breakfast, activities.
11:30am – back to Bacolod City / sidetrip to City of Bacolod for photo ops
12:30-1:00pm – visit our “connection”
1:30pm – Check-in at Bell Hotel
2:30pm – Jeep to Calea Cakes and Pastries
3:00pm – Arrival in Calea
4:00pm – Bought pasalubong at Merczi and Bong Bong’s (few meters away from Calea)
5:00pm – Grab to The Ruins
5:30pm – Arrival in The Ruins / explore
6:30pm – Grab to Manokan Country
7:00pm – Arrival in Manokan Country / dinner at Aida’s
8:00pm – walk back to hotel / rest

Php 1,435 – Cebu Pacific one way airfare (travel fund redemption)
Php FREE – Silay Aiport to Campuestohan Resort
Php 150 – Campuestohan Resort entrance fee
Php 160 – Breakfast (Tocilog with juice)
Php 310 (1,240/4) – Bell Hotel – A/C standard room with breakfast(formerly The Oriental Inn, booked thru Traveloka)
Php 7 –   Jeep to Calea Cakes and Pastries
Php 85 – Calea’s Chocolate cake
Php 46.50 (186/4) – Grab to The Ruins
Php 100 – The Ruins entrance fee
Php 58 (232/4) – Grab to Manokan Country
Php 128 – Dinner at Aida’s Manokan (Pechopak, garlic rice & Sprite)

TOTAL: 2,479.50/head

CggYHVZGhjqAES55AACw6uSlZTs138_R_550_412Our room in Bell Hotel. It was upgraded from Standard to Deluxe Room due to unavailability of Standard Room (photo from Google)


Day 2 – Sipalay, Negros Occidental

6:00am – Breakfast at the hotel
7:00am – Jeep to South Terminal
7:00am – Arrival at South Terminal
7:45am – van to Sipalay
11:30am – Arrival in Sipalay / check-in at Sealey’s Inn
12:00nn – Tricycle to Groogies
12:05-1:00pm – Lunch at Groogies
1:30pm–5:00pm Start tour / meet Kuya Dado and Kuya Jojo (Tinagong Dagat, Sugar Beach and Perth Paradise Resort)
5:30pm – back to Sealey’s Inn / wash up
6:30pm – walk to Groogies / dinner
7:30pm – back to Sealey’s Inn / rest

Php FREE – Buffet Breakfast at the hotel
Php 7 –   Jeep to South Terminal
Php 250 – Van to Sipalay (the van dropped us in front of Sealey’s Inn)
Php 400 (1,600/4) – Sealey’s Inn A/C standard room no breakfast
Php 10 (40/4) – Tricycle to Groogies
Php 500/head – Sipalay Tour
Php 30 – Tinagong Dagat entrance fee
Php 40 – RT boat to Sugar Beach
Php 80 – Perth Paradise Resort entrance fee
Php 100 – use of pool

TOTAL: 1,417/head

Kuya Dado – 0921-7865615
Kuya Jojo – 0907-0472897


sealeysOur cute room in Sealey’s Inn. (sorry for my photobomber foot hahah!)

UntitledTricycle of Kuya Dado

IMG_5136Our tour guides, Kuya Jojo (Yellow shirt) and Kuya Dado (Black shirt)

IMG_5133Our favorite resto in Sipalay, Groogies! (Ito lang kasi nakita naming kainan. Hahah!)


Day 3 – Siquijor

2:00am – Tricycle to Sipalay Terminal
2:30am – Bus to Hinoba-an
3:00am – Arrival at Hinoba-an Terminal / wait for Dumaguete Bus
3:30am – Bus to Dumaguete
7:00am – Arrival in Dumaguete / Tricycle to Dumaguete Port
7:30nn – Arrival in Port / buy ticket to Siquijor
8:30am –  Depart for Siquijor
10:00am – Arrival in Siquijor / meet Kuya Jun Mark / photo ops at Saint Francis of Assisi Church
10:30am – check-in at James’ Homestay
11:00am-5:00pm – Start tour (I ❤ Siquijor, Paliton Beach, Capilay Spring, Old Enchanted Balete Tree, Hapitanan, Lazi Church and Convent, Cambugahay Falls, Man-made Molave Tree, Salagdoong Beach, Cang-Isok House and Lilibeth Pan Bisaya)
6:00pm – back to homestay / wash up
7:00pm – dinner / rest

Php 12.50 (50/4) – Tricycle to Sipalay Terminal (It’s actually free c/o Kuya Jojo, we just gave him tip)
Php 32 –   Bus to Hinoba-an Terminal
Php 247 – Bus to Dumaguete
Php 8 – Tricycle to Dumaguete Port
Php 100 – Roro to Siquijor (Aleson Shipping)
Php 15 – Terminal fee
Php 450 (1,800/4) – James’ Homestay A/C room no breakfast
Php 250 (1,000/4) Siquijor Tour
Php 10 – Donation at Old Enchanted Balete Tree (no entrance fee)
Php 20 – Donation at Hapitanan (no entrance fee)
Php 6.25 (25/4) – Parking fee at Cambugahay Falls
Php 25 (100/4) – Donation for the guide (no entrance fee)
Php 20 – Unlimited tarzan jump at Cambugahay Falls
Php 10 (40/4) – Tip for the balsa guide
Php 6.25 (25/4) – Parking fee at Salagdoong Beach
Php 25 – Salagdoong beach entrance fee
TOTAL: 1,237/head

IMG_5187Daily Schedule of Aleson Shipping Lines


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our room in James’ Homestay

IMG_5255Our cool guide in Siquijor, Kuya Jun Mark and his tricycle 🙂

Kuya Jun Mark – 0935-5614400
Ms. Cherry of James’ Homestay – 0975-3928628

Day 4 – Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

8:00am – Breakfast at James’ Homestay
10:30am – Check-out / tricycle to Siquijor Port
10:45am – Arrival at port / buy tickets
11:30am – Depart for Dumaguete
1:00pm – Arrival in Dumaguete / walk to Sans Rival Bistro
1:30pm – Lunch at Sans Rival Bistro
2:30am –  Tricycle to St. Catherine of Alexandria Church
3:30pm – Standby at McDo
4:00pm – Walk to Sans Rival Bistro / pick up Silvanas pasalubong
5:00pm – Tricycle to Dumaguete Airport
6:55pm – Depart for Manila

*P.S. – Our 4th day was very productive! Hahahah!
Php 70 – Breakfast at James’ Homestay (Corned beef, Silog and coffee)
Php 12.50 (50/4) Tricycle to Port
Php 100 – Roro to Dumaguete (Aleson Shipping)
Php 14 – Terminal fee in Siquijor
Php 8 – Tricycle to St. Catherine of Alexandria Church
Php 20 (80/4) – Tricycle to Dumaguete Airport
Php 150 – Terminal Fee
Php 512 – Cebu Pacific one way Dumaguete to Manila
TOTAL: 886.50/head

Note: Box of Silvanas – Php 150 (10pcs / Butter)
           Box of Silvanas – Php 180 (10pcs / Chocolate)
           Small box of Sans Rival loaf – Php 320

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 4D3N – Php6,020 (with food (day 1 only) / pasalubong not included)


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