Travel Guide: SoCCSKSarGen with ARMM and Northern Mindanao

Sharing you our original itinerary and our Plan B itinerary due to an unexpected circumstances.


Day 1 – Sarangani

1DAY 1 – Original itinerary

7:05am– Arrival in GES International Airport
7:30am – Tricycle going to our “connection”
9:00am – Depart for Gumasa beach, Sarangani
11:00-1:00pm – Arrival in Isla Jardin Resort / Lunch / Explore
1:00pm – Habal-habal to Glan Terminal
1:15pm – Arrival in Glan / Ride van to KCC Mall in General Santos
2:30pm – Arrival in KCC Mall / Tricycle to Bulaong Terminal
3:00pm – Arrival in Bulaong Terminal / Ride van directly to Lake Sebu
7:00pm – Arrival in Punta Isla Resort, Lake Sebu (2.5-3hrs lang byahe. inabot kami ng 4hrs dahil may na-tumbang puno, humarang sa daanan 😦 ) Dinner / rest.

Php 582 – Cebu Pacific RT airfare: MNL-GES 
Php 50 (25/head) – Taxi to airport gate
Php 100 (50/head) – Tricycle to our “connection
Php FREE – “Connection” to Isla Jardin Resort
Php 100 – Habal-habal to Glan Terminal
Php 100 – Van to KCC Mall
Php 10 – Tricycle to Bulaong Terminal
Php 100 – Van to Lake Sebu
Php 20 – Habal-habal to Punta Isla Resort
Php 150/head – Punta Isla Resort fan room dorm type
TOTAL: 1,137/head

Ms. Cristy of Punta Isla Resort – 0905-2895134

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0962.Arrival in General Santos Airport

Day 2 – Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

2DAY 2 – Original itinerary

6:00am– Lotus Viewing / meet Kuya Jorie for Lake Sebu tour
7:00-10:00am – Lake Sebu halfday tour (T’boli Museum, Lake Sebu Landmark, 7 Falls Zipline)
10:30am – Depart for Isulan / ride van or jeep to Surallah
11:00am – Arrival in Surallah / ride van to Isulan Sultan Kudarat
12:00pm – Arrival in Isulan, sidetrip to Sultan Kudarat Capitol / lunch / meet another “connection” in Tacurong
1:00pm – Depart for Midsayap (change of schedule dahil si “connection” takot dumaan ng Maguindanao and Cotabato. Waaahh! 😦 )
3:30pm – Arrival in Midsayap / meet kuya Yson, depart for Asik-Asik Alamada, Cotabato
5:00pm – Arrival in Ate Sally’s homestay in Asik-Asik Alamada / dinner / rest

Php 400  (200/head) – Kuya Jorie’s halfday tour in Lake Sebu (600 if whole day tour)
Php 100 – Lotus viewing bangkero fee (200 if solo)
Php 20 – T’boli Museum entrance
Php 20 – 7 Falls Zipline entrance
Php 50 – T’boli costume rental
Php 250 – Zipline (250-weekdays & 300-weekend)
Php 35 – Jeep from Lake Sebu to Surallah
Php 50 – Van from Surallah to Isulan
Php 15 – Tricycle to Sultan Kudarat Capitol
Php 20 – Multicab to Tacurong
Php FREE – “Connection” Sultan Kudarat to Midsayap
Php 1,200 (600/head) – Kuya Yson’s roundtrip habal-habal Midsayap to Asik-Asik Falls and Asik-Asik Falls to Libungan Terminal
Php 200 (100/head) – Ate Sally’s homestay near Asik-Asik jump-off point
TOTAL: 1,460/head

Kuya Jorie – President of Lasepttouda Lake Sebu: 0905-8240725, 0955-5533912 (Tell him nirefer kayo ni Michelle yung takot sa Owong hahah!)
FB Account: Jorie Sabal
Kuya Yson – Habal habal to Asik-Asik Falls: 0926-8605767
FB Account: Yson Padrique
Ate Sally Dakil homestay: 0935-8454802

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0996.Moo, Kuya Jorie and Me in 1 of the 7 falls in Lake Sebu

IMG_2169Kuya Yson, Me and Moo going back to Libungan Terminal

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Ate Sally’s homestay for 100/head only! 

Day 3 – Cotabato and Maguindanao

3DAY 3 – Original Itinerary

– Breakfast /  Asik-Asik Falls descend
5:45am – Arrival in Asik-Asik Falls / explore
6:30am – Ascend / wash up
7:30am – Depart for Libungan Terminal
9:00am – Arrival in Libungan / Van to Cotabato City
10:00am – Arrival in Cotabato / wait sa contact na habal-habal for Grand Mosque
11:00am – wala si contact na habal 😦 / depart for Grand Mosque
11:30am – Arrival in Grand Mosque / explore
12:00pm – Depart for Pink Mosque, Maguindanao
1:00pm – Arrival in Pink Mosque / explore
1:30pm – Back to Cotabato, alight in Husky Terminal
2:30pm – Arrival in Husky Terminal / ride tricycle to Van Terminal going to Kabacan
3:00pm – Van to Kabacan Terminal
6:00pm – Arrival in Kabacan / ride van to Maramag, Bukidnon
8:30pm – Arrival in Bukidnon / ride van to Cagayan De Oro
12:00mn – Arrival in CDO / check-in at Hotel Sogo / dinner (wag kang tumawa, wala na kaming choice. haha!)

NOTE: Going to Cagayan de Oro from Cotabato, you can ride a van in Midsayap. 9:00am is the first and last trip. Yes, isang beses lang yung byahe. or ride a bus in Kabacan Terminal Complex. Yung mga bus coming from General Santos, dun din dadaan sa Kabacan Terminal. Until 2pm yung bus, sabi ng dispatcher. Yung samin, blessing in disguise lang kaya we were so thankful! 

Php 50 – Van from Libungan Terminal to Cotabato City
Php 10 – Multicab to Grand Mosque (tell driver to drop you off at Kalanganan)
Php 100 – Roundtrip habal-habal to Grand Mosque
Php 60 – Ride van going to Isulan and alight at Pink Mosque roundball, Maguindanao
Php 35 – Husky bus back to Cotabato City
Php 150 (75/head) – Tricycle to Van Terminal
Php 100 – Van to Kabacan Terminal Complex
Php 270 – Van to Maramag Bukidnon
Php 100 – Van to Cagayan de Oro Bulua Terminal / alight in Hotel Sogo
Php 650 (325/head) – Hotel Sogo aircon room
TOTAL: 1,125/head

Mr. Erman – Maguindanao Tourism Officer: 0916-9557814

IMG_2190FROM Cotabato: Ride van going to Isulan and alight here in Pink rotonda. FROM Isulan: Ride van going to Cotabato and alight here in Pink rotonda. Then walk to Pink Mosque.

Cotabato van terminal

Day 4 – Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte

4DAY 4 – Original Itinerary

4:30am – Go to Bulua Terminal and Ride bus to Iligan City
6:00am – Arrival in Iligan City / rent room in Alya Vista Lodge
6:30am – Ride jeep to South Terminal
7:00am – Arrival in South Terminal / ride jeep to MSU Marawi
7:30am – Depart for MSU Marawi (tagal umalis ng jeep, magpupuno pa)
8:30am – Arrival in MSU Marawi / explore
9:30am – back to Iligan, ride jeep inside MSU
10:30am -4:00pm – Arrival in Iligan / meet kuya Jecil, habal-habal for Iligan Tour (Maria Cristina Falls, Mimbalot Falls, Tinago Falls, Paseo Santiago, Cheding Pasalubong Center)
4:00pm – Back to Alya Vista Lodge / wash up
5:00pm – Ride jeep to Bus Terminal going to CDO
6:00pm – Depart for CDO Bulua Terminal
8:00pm – Arrival in Bulua Terminal / ride taxi to Grand City Hotel
8:30pm – Arrival in Grand City Hotel / dinner / rest

NOTE: Yung habal-habal ni Kuya Jecil is Php250/head from Buru-un to Tinago Falls and Mimbalot Falls. Kami nalang po nagbigay ng Php800 kasi ang tagal namin hinanap yung Paseo Santiago at nagpahatid pa kami sa Alya Vista Lodge. Yung Maria Cristina Falls po ay sarado talaga since September 2016 dahil sa Davao Night Market bombing. Nagkataon lang din po na may family kaming nakasabay. Blessing in disguise ulit! Thanks again to Mr. Ryan and Ms. Joy Gabila.

Php 80 (40/head) – Taxi to Bulua Terminal
Php 100 – Rural Transit bus to Iligan Terminal
Php 7 – Jeep to Alya Vista Lodge
Php 250 (125/head) Alya Vista Lodge aircon room for 12 hours
Php 20 – Jeep to South Terminal
Php 50 – Jeep to MSU Marawi (May van din to Marawi City. Jeep sakyan nyo para papasok sa loob ng MSU)
Php 10 (5/head) – Tricycle to Kingfaisal (inside MSU, malayo kasi)
Php 10 (5/head) – Tricycle to Jeep terminal going to Iligan
Php 50 – Jeep back to Iligan South Terminal
Php 800 (400/head) – Kuya Jecil’s habal habal
Php 45 – Maria Cristina Falls entrance
Php 50 – Mimbalot Falls entrance
Php 25 – Tinago Falls Entrance
Php 10 – Bamboo raft (Tinago Falls)
Php 25 – Life jacket (Tinago Falls)
Php 50 (25/head) – Table rental (Tinago Falls)
Php 20 – Jeep to Bus Terminal
Php 100 – Rural Transit bus back to CDO Bulua Terminal
Php 100 (50/head)- Taxi to Grand City Hotel
Php 686 (343/head) – Grand City Hotel a/c room with buffet breakfast for 2. (Thanks to Traveloka!)
TOTAL: 1,495/head

Kuya Jecil habal-habal: 0975-2512130 (Tawagan nyo nalang, minsan di sya nagrereply)
Mr. Co-J Tamano – Marawi City Tourism Officer : 0917-6684499

Moo, Kuya Jecil and Me at Paseo Santiago

IMG_2214Our room in Grand City Hotel near  Plaza Divisoria. 

Day 5 – El Salvador, Misamis Oriental / back to MNL

(Original Itineray)
7:00am – Taxi to Bulua Terminal
7:30am – Arrival in Bulua Terminal / ride jeep to Divine Mercy Shrine
8:30am – Arrival in Divine Mercy Shrine jump-off point / ride habal-habal to Shrine
8:40am – Arrival in Shrine / explore
9:30am – Back to jump off point / ride habal-habal
9:40am – Ride jeep or bus to Bulua Terminal
10:30am – Arrival in Bulua Terminal / ride taxi to Vjandep Bakeshop
11:00am – Arrival in Vjandep Bakeshop / buy pasalubong
11:30am – Tricycle back to Grand City Hotel
11:45am – Arrival in hotel / wash up / pack-up
1:30pm – Van pick up going to Laguindingan Airport
3:00pm – Arrival in Laguindingan Airport
4:10pm – Depart for MNL

Php 100 (50/head) – Taxi to Bulua Terminal
Php 25 – Jeep to Divine Mercy Shrine
Php 20 – Roundtrip habal-habal from jump-off point to Divine Mercy Shrine
Php 25 – Jeep back to Bulua Terminal
Php 120 (60/head) – Taxi to Vjandep Bakeshop
Php 10 – Tricycle to Grand City Hotel
Php 200 – Van pick up going to Laguindingan Airport
Php 200 – Terminal Fee
Php 200 – Cebu Pacific one way: CGY – MNL
TOTAL: 790/head

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 5D4N – Php6,007/head (food & pasalubong not included)

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 Part I – SoCCSKSarGen x Maguindanao
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