Western Visayas: Travel Guide

Traversing Western Visayas



Day 0 – Arrival in Iloilo City

12:00mn – ETD: MNL-ILO (delayed flight)
1:00am – Arrival in Iloilo International Airport / travel to One Lourdes Dormitel
1:30am – One Lourdes Dormitel / check-in / rest

Php 684 – Cebu Pacific Manila – Iloilo 
Php 87.50/head (700/8) – Van from Iloilo Airport to One Lourdes Dormitel
Php 375/head (3000/8) – One Lourdes Dormitel aircon room
TOTAL: 1,146.50/head

Day 1 – Guimaras and Iloilo City

5:30am – wake up / prepare
6:00am – Jeep to Ortiz Port
6:10am- Arrival in Ortiz Port / pay boat fee
6:30am – Boat to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras
6:45am – Arrival in Jordan Wharf / meet kuya Cherald /travel to Raymen Beach
7:00am – Arrival in Raymen Beach Alubihod / breakfast
7:30am – Swimming
10:00am – Travel to Trappist Monastery
10:30am – Arrival in Trappist / visit church / buy pasalubong
11:00am – Guimaras Capitol / photo ops
11:30am – Lunch at The Pitstop
12:30pm – Smallest Plaza
1:00pm – Back to Jordan Wharf / boat to Ortiz Port, Iloilo
1:15pm – Arrival in Ortiz port / back to Dormitel
1:30pm – Arrival in Dormitel / rest
2:30pm- 7:30pm – Travel to Miag-ao Church, One River Esplanade, Dinner in Netong’s Lapaz Batchoy and Roberto’s Siopao
7:30pm – Travel to Carles, Iloilo
10:00pm – Arrival in New Beach Head Resort, Carles

Php 6.50 – Jeep from Dormitel to Ortiz Port
Php 14 – Boat to Jordan Wharf
Php 187.50/head (1500/8) Cherald’s Multicab rental
Php 25 – Entrance to Raymen Beach Alubihod
Php 62.50/head (500/8) Cottage rental
Php 20 – Banlaw
Php 14 – Boat to Ortiz Port
Php 10 – Tricycle to One Lourdes Dormitel
Php 250/head (2000/8) – Van rental to Miag-ao Church, One River Esplanade, LaPaz Public Market, Roberto’s Siopao and SM Delgado
Php 343.75/head (2750/8) – Van rental from Iloilo City to Carles, Iloilo
Php 375/head (3000/8) – New Beach Head Resort aircon room
TOTAL: Php 1,308.25/head


Boat to and from Guimaras

Cherald’s multicab – 0908.4748122

Day 2 – Gigantes Island Carles Iloilo 

6:00am – wake up / prepare
6:30am- travel to Bancal Port
7:30am – Arrival in Bancal Port / meet kuya Joshua of Gigantes Island Travel and Tours
8:00am-2:00pm – Island Hopping (Cabugao Gamay, Bantigue Sandbar, Antonia’s, Tangke Lagoon, lunch at Gigantes Island)
2:00pm – back to Bancal Port
3:30pm – arrival in Bancal Port / back to New Beach Head Resort
4:00pm – arrival in Resort / wash up / pack up
4:30pm – travel to Balasan Terminal
5:00pm – arrival in Balasan Terminal
5:30pm – travel to Roxas City
7:00pm – Arrival in Roxas City Integrated Terminal / travel to Wallabies Hotel
7:15pm – Arrival in Wallabies Hotel
7:30pm-9:30pm – Dinner at Baybay Beach
10:00 – back to hotel / rest
1:30pm – Arrival in Dormitel / rest

Php 25/head (200/8) – Tricycle to Bancal Port
Php 1,099 – Gigantes Island Tours and Services (island hopping, entrance fees, lunch)
Php 62.50/head (500/8) – Tricycle back to hotel and to Balasan Terminal
Php 156.50/head (1250/8) – Rented the passenger van to Roxas City
Php  25/head (200/8) – Tricycle from Roxas City Terminal to Wallabies Hotel
Php 225/head (1800/8) – Wallabies Hotel aircon room
Php 35/head (200/6) – Tricycle to Baybay Beach and back to Wallabies Hotel
TOTAL: Php 1,628/head


Wallabies Hotel

Day 3 – Capiz and Tibiao Antique

6:30am- wake up/prepare
7:30am – 11:30am – Travel to Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Sta. Monica Parish Church, brunch at Cafe Terraza Er Ciculo, pasalubong center and back to hotel)
11:30am – travel to Roxas City Integrated Terminal
11:45am – Arrival in terminal
12:00nn – travel to Kalibo Terminal
1:30pm – Arrival in Kalibo Terminal / travel to Ceres Bus Terminal
1:45pm – Arrival in Ceres Bus Terminal / buy merienda
2:15pm – Travel to Culasi Antique
4:00pm – Arrival in Culasi Antique / Anna Sophie Hostel check-in
4:30pm – travel to Kayak Inn Tibiao Antique for Kawa Hot Bath
5:30pm-7:00pm – Kawa Hot Bath experience / dinner
7:00pm – back to Hostel
7:45pm – Arrival in Hostel
8:00pm – Walk around Culasi Plaza
9:00pm – back to hotel / rest

Php  167/head (1000/6) – Tricycle rental to Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Sta. Monica Church (Panay Church), Pasalubong center, back to Wallabies Hotel and to Roxas City
Php 120 – Van to Kalibo
Php 25/head (150/6) – Tricycle to Ceres Bus Terminal
Php 110 – Ordinary bus to Culasi Antique
Php 9 – Tricycle to Anna Sophie Hostel
Php 250/head (1500/6) – Anna Sophie Hostel aircon room with breakfast for 2
Php 134/head (800/6) – Tricycle to Kayak Inn Tibiao Antique and back to Hostel
Php 250 – Kawa Hot Bath
TOTAL: Php 1,065/head

15007954_10153912217632611_1575682357_o-1Tricycle in Capiz. Nakaka-aliw may upuan sa labas! Hahaha!

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0391.Ordinary bus to Culasi Antique

img_0066Kawa Hot Bath in Kayak Inn

Day 4 – Malalison Island and Malumpati Cold Spring

5:30am- wake up/prepare
6:00am – boat ride to Malalison Island
6:15am-9:00am – Arrival in Malalison / breakfast / swimming / trekking
9:00am – back to Culasi mainland
9:15am – Arrival in Culasi / buy pasalubong near seaport
9:30am – buy pasalubong in Tibiao Bakery
10:00am – back to hostel / wash up/pack up
11:00am – travel to Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan Antique
11:45am – arrival in Malumpati / explore
12:00-1:00pm – Trekking to Blue Lagoon head spring
1:00pm – travel to Kalibo Airport
3:00pm – arrival in Kalibo Airprot / lunch
4:00pm – Airport check-in
6:30pm – ETD: KLO-MNL (delayed flight)

Php 150 – Roundtrip boat to Malalison Island and to Culasi seaport
Php 20 – Environmental fee
Php 10 – Terminal fee
Php 100/head (200/2) – Guide fee for trekking
Php 417/head (2500/6) – Van rental to Malumpati Cold Spring and to Kalibo Airport
Php 40 – entrance fee to Malumpati Cold Spring
Php 37.50/head (150/4) – Guide fee for trekking to Blue Lagoon head spring
Php 200 – Kalibo Airport terminal fee
Php 499 – Cebu Pacific Kalibo to Manila
Php 300/head (1200/4) – NAIA T3 parking fee for 5 days
TOTAL: Php 1,773.50/head

TOTAL EXPENSES FOR 4D5N – Php6,921.25 (food not included)


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  1. Hi! Do you have a contact number for Wallabies Hotel? We will visit Roxas this coming Feb and would like to stay in Wallabies as it looks cheaper than the others 🙂


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